EST. 2019

Curate … to hand select unique, flavorful food and wine combinations from the vast array of (possibilities / variations) available from around the world. 

Executive Chef, Justin Richardson, will curate some of the finest flavor profiles from around the globe and bring them here to Springfield.  He will develop an ever-changing menu drawn from not only his Italian heritage and culinary studies in Italy, but also his classical French training. However, you can expect dishes inspired from Asia, Europe and the Middle East all brimming with flavor and beautifully presented. Chef Justin has an impeccable palate and great culinary creativity ...we are lucky to have his talent right here in Springfield. 

This is our 2nd restaurant concept. Our ownership team consists of Dan Sperry, Justin Richardson and Nichole Sperry… the ultimate trifecta.  Dan handles the business and operational aspects, Justin is the purveyor of all things culinary, developing our menu and training the kitchen staff, and Nichole is our design aficionado .

Our specialty... Small Plates & Wine.   We believe in sharing and experiencing new and different tastes so we will offer a multitude of small plates meant for sampling, sharing and pairing with our great wines. All fresh, unique and very deep in flavor.  Eat a little or eat a lot, we will have something for everyone. 

Who doesn’t love good food along with a unique experience?! Ultimately this is a project of passion for each of us in our own unique way.  As businessman, designer and chef we each bring a different aspect to the table, literally.  We are huge advocates of supporting and promoting locally-owned, independent restaurants and we want to play a part to increase the economic and cultural vitality of Springfield.  Our hope is to deliver another satisfying, meaningful dining experience just as we have with our downtown restaurant VELE.

We will see you all very soon!




Justin Richardson
Partner/Executive Chef

Dan Sperry
Partner/General Manager

Nichole Sperry
Partner/Marketing & Design

2930 Plaza Dr • Springfield, IL 62704